How to Decorate a Diya

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Diyas, or dirt lights, are customary lights utilized for uncommon events in numerous religions, including Hindu, Sikh, and Jain religions. These sort of lights are broadly utilized amid Diwali, which is an Indian celebration celebrated in numerous nations. On this uncommon day, individuals light their homes with diyas that are made of earth, however, these aren’t generally extremely decorative.[1] If you’re somebody with an exceptional feeling of energy, you might need to add some shading to zest up your diya. a

Accumulate your diya and supplies. On the off chance that you have numerous diya that you wish to embellish, you should accumulate the lights together so you can paint these in the grouping, and by having every one of your devices and supplies helpful, you can spare yourself time and exertion. For this task you’ll require:

Acrylic paints (grouped hues)

Container or tub


Clear epoxy/shellac (discretionary; non-combustible)

Sparkle (discretionary)

Paste (non-combustible)


Plastic plate or palette

Firm swarm brush

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